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  • Deep Dream

    Over this past weekend I decided to finally play around with Google’s DeepDream. Here are a few favorites (click through for the original).



    Try it out

    Make sure you have Docker installed and from a terminal:

    # WORKDIR is a new directory containing the image you want to process
    export WORKDIR=/full/path/to/your/new/directory
    # IMAGE specifies the filename of the image in the directory
    export IMAGE=input.jpg
    # Kick off the processing. This will take a long time :coffee:
    docker run --rm -it \
      -e INPUT="${IMAGE}" \
      -e ITER=20 \
      -e SCALE=0.10 \
      -e MODEL='inception_3b/5x5_reduce' \
      -v "${WORKDIR}":/data \